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Nokia N90 & Variants

When dismantling any phone, great care should be taken to ensure that no damage is caused to any of the parts.  Rough handling may result in severe damage of many parts, and if proper anti-static procedures are not followed, electrostatic damage may result in any electronic component.

Before commencing, it is recommended that the correct tools are purchased for the job in hand - at the very least, you will require a Torx T6 screwdriver.

Lower Block Disassembly

Step 1.  Protect the exterior screen with a film or similar.

Step 2.  And do the same for the interior screen.

Step 3.  Remove the battery cover and battery.

Step 4.  Using a thin plastic shim, remove the cover shown below which is glued in place.

Step 5.  Remove the two Torx screws shown below.

Step 6.  Remove the C cover.

Step 7.  Remove the D cover.  When you come to reassembly, align the clips at the top first.

Step 8.  Two screws are covered by this piece of trim which can be removed by using two plastic shims.

Step 9.  With the trim out of the way, remove the two screws it covered.

Step 10.  Using your shim, release all the clips holding the keypad surround in place.

Step 11.  Remove the key pad surround.

Step 12.  Fold the phone back together and release the E cover starting at the upper block side.

Step 13.  Now release the E cover from the lower block side.

Step 14.  Now remove the E cover.

Step 15.  Remove the key mat.

Step 16.  Remove the memory card cover.

Step 17.  Lift the side key assembly taking care not to damage the connector.

Step 18.  Unlock the clips on the retaining plate.

Step 19.  Separate the retaining plate from the side key assembly.

Step 20.  Remove the joystick cover.

Step 21.  Open the flex connector carefully using your plastic shim.

Step 22.  Remove the four screws in the order shown.  The red figures are the order used for reassembly.

Step 23.  Lever up the shield assembly.

Step 24.  Remove the shield assembly.

Step 25.  Carefully open the flex connector.

Step 26.  This step can be awkward without using the correct tool, but release of the connector can be achieved by using a flat bladed screwdriver.

Step 27.  Lever the connector up.

Step 28.  Now pull the connector vertically to release it.

Step 29.  The main PCB can now be removed.

Step 30.  Release the H cover from the hinge.

Step 31.  Remove the power connector.

Step 32.  Lever the aerial assembly out.

Step 33.  Release the clip and move the SIM shield release button to the far end.

Step 34.  Now the button isn't fixeds it can be easily pushed out.

Step 35.  Remove the battery cover release button taking care not to lose the spring.

Step 36.  Remove the spring.


Upper Block Disassembly

Step 01.  Protect the exterior screen.

Step 02.  And the interior screen.

Step 03.  Remove the battery cover and battery.

Step 04.  Use a plastic shim to release the glued B cover..

Step 05.  Remove the two screws.

Step 06.  Use your shim to release all the clips on the B cover.

Step 07.  Remove the B cover.

Step 08.  Protect the LCD screen with a film or similar.

Step 09.  Remove the two Torx T6 screws.

Step 10.  Remove the A cover assembly.

Step 11.  Very carefully release the interior LCD screen from the adhesive holding it in place.

Step 12.  Turn the phone over and protect the outer LCD screen.

Step 13.  Carefully remove the flex connector.

Step 14.  Release the four clips on the display shield.

Step 15.  Remove the outer LCD screen.

Step 16.  Release the flex connector for the inner LCD screen.

Step 17.  Now remove the screen.

Step 18.  Release the two connectors starting at one side first and then moving on to the other.

Step 19.  Be careful not to scratch anything whilst removing these connectors.

Step 20.  Bend the hinge carefully to remove the display frame.

Step 21.  Remove the display frame.


Camera Block Disassembly

Step 01.  Protect the exterior screen.

Step 02.  Remove the battery cover and battery.

Step 03.  Turn the camera through 90.

Step 04.  The screws are hidden by two thin covers which should be replaced if removed.

Step 05.  Peel the covers of both sides.

Step 06.  Remove the four Torx T5 screws in the order shown below.

Step 07.  Mark the correct positioning of the camera base plate before you go any further.

Step 08.  Prevent any undue strain being placed on the cables or connectors.

Step 09.  Carefully open the flex connector.

Step 10.  Using your plastic shim, lever out the camera.

Step 11.  Remove the camera without placing stress on any of the cables.

Step 12.  Using a flat bladed screwdriver, carefully disconnect the connector.

Step 13.  Remove the camera socket.

Step 14.  Push the LED window inside the housing.

Step 15.  Pull the camera bezel upwards.

Step 16.  Unlock the PWB by pushing it carefully inwards.

Step 17.  Using your shim again, release the audio cavity.

Step 18.  Now finally remove the audio cavity.


Reassembly is a simple (or not so) reversal of the above steps taking extra time to ensure that everything works as it should, and that you have caused no damage whilst inside the handset.


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